Formax Introduces New Atlas C102 Creaser/Perforator

May, 2019

DOVER, NH: Formax is pleased to introduce the Atlas C102 Automatic Air-Feed Creaser/Perforator, an upgraded model which replaces the Atlas C100. New features include a quick-release blade system, height-adjustable outfeed stacker, extended infeed deck, and an optional cross and partial perforation kit.

The quick-release blade system allows for easy changing from creasing to cross perforating, without using any tools. It features variable creasing depth, which can be adjusted using a simple sliding lever, to accommodate various paper weights.

An extended infeed deck now accommodates sheets up to 35” L x 13” W. The outfeed stacker can be adjusted to match the paper stack height and keeps processed sheets neatly organized for quick and easy removal.

The Atlas C102 features a 7” color touchscreen with user-friendly graphics-based set-up, 50 programmable jobs, and a reliable bottom-suction air-feed system for continuous loading of printed sheets, with no loss of feeding accuracy. Perforating capabilities are also standard, with a wide range of wheels to suit various applications.

Variable speed control allows the Atlas C102 to handle a wide variety of sheet sizes and thicknesses. With the ability to create up to 16 creases per page, it can process up to 8,500 sheets (8.5” x 11”) or up to 11,000 sheets (6.5” x 8.5”) per hour. The C102 features fully-automatic setup, calculating the crease positions based on paper size and setting them accordingly.

To avoid the cracking which often happens with traditional circular scoring blades, the Atlas C102 utilizes a unique rule-and-matrix mechanism. This method compresses paper fibers instead of cutting them, virtually eliminating cracks on a creased or folded edge. The creasing matrix is guaranteed for life.

The optional cross/partial perforation kit allows for full and partial perforating along the width of the sheet, ideal for tear-off tickets and vouchers. Additional options include a narrow sheet guide, narrow creasing matrix and perforating wheels.

With rugged metal construction, a compact footprint, and a range of user-friendly features, the Atlas C102 is an ideal addition to small print shops and production facilities with limited space that want to expand their digital print finishing capabilities.

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